Thursday, May 18, 2017

v0.2.5 released + Patreon Launch

Noblesse Oblige v0.2.5 is now available!

Download (requires RPG Maker VXA RTP):!hrZGFQYD!SO7t9zdAptfLXLZ3e-kE70n9zMKnvYvvkg6LbU1tMs4
RTP included:!Y6QhyBgZ!vdhW04xA1vKo79EwSfXI8n_MYQBILXnytU9Z-MokcZs

Well, this release ended up taking significantly longer than I'd hoped. While work being rough this month played a part in that, I honestly mostly just bit off a particularly large chunk of content which took time to make. Future releases will probably generally be a bit smaller than this one so I can keep on a monthly schedule, with possible exceptions. Time aside, though, I'm quite happy with the amount of content in this release; I got nearly twice the playtime for internal testing as I had in v0.1 content. In general, if you started in v0.1, your save will be transferable, though note certain exceptions as a result of a weird bug as described in the changelog.

Aside from a new section of content with a new city and new dungeons, this update includes some bugfixing and rebalancing, and it adds several firsts:
-First major decision near the end of the new content which will have long-term consequences.
-First optional hard boss, accessible via that decision. While I think you should go with your gut on what choice to make in general, I also encourage you to see what you think of this fight.
-First major shift in tileset to indicate a different geographic region
-The first of Alexander's Command skills, learned through the story
-The first of many combination attacks between two characters, learned through the plot.

Since this update overall feels large enough to me to be commensurate with taking longer than I'd hoped, I've decided to launch a Patreon campaign to fund the game.
Find it here:

Right now, I'm doing this in my spare time. It's something I enjoy, but not a project I can see through to the full quality I'd like it to have by myself. So, if you like the game and would like to support me in making it and future games in a similar vein, I'd be honored.

If you're interested but not sure what exactly I'm going for, I've also set up a page on my dev blog discussing my vision for this game.
Find it here:

Some screenshots from v0.2.5:

Lest you worry that the game is all seriousness... Fear not. =P

Welcome to the city-state of Hypernia!

Fate seems a bit determined that the party actually watch those Sravi Dancers they skipped in Avalonia...

...but not everything this update is stained glass and dancing.

v0.2.5 Changelog
- A complete section of the game, featuring the city-state of Hypernia
- Two new dungeons
- 700% more cowbell (literally speaking compared to internal testing version 0.2.4 =P )
- Skills can now be "instant," not consuming a turn.
- Additional equipment slots using the Ace Equip Engine by Yanfly. If you are continuing from a v0.1 save, you may wish to make certain all equips are in the correct slots.
- One optional, challenging boss near the end of the current story segment.

Note that this optional fight is connected to a story choice, but I have provided a save point directly before the choice. Thus, while I encourage you to pick a choice based on what you think is right, as either option will have long-term consequences, if you want to try the fight for fun regardless of your choice, it should be easy to do so.

-Fixed a bug resulting from the Chain Battles script that caused excessive exp gain until the first save-reload. If you finished v0.1 with Alexander above Lv 13, you may wish to restart the game to ensure you don't miss out on skills added in future updates.
-Fixed a bug with quest objectives in v0.1. This bug did not affect story functionality.
-Adjusted the names of the illusory wasp packs in the Cave of Trials to make functionality clearer.
-Corrected the background width for the second dungeon in v0.1 content.
-Corrected the appearance of tutorial text for the first fight using the "Trapped" debuff. Note that this debuff massively reduces dodge chance while inflicted.

=Balance adjustments=
* General
- Potions now have some degree of speed priority.

* Alexander
- Momentum now has slight speed priority.
- Now learns Draining Strikes at Lv 16 rather than Lv 13.
- Draining Strikes is now Instant, drains 50% of physical damage dealt, lasts 5 rounds, and may only be used once per battle.
- A new skill, Lunge, is now learned at Lv 13. If you are continuing from v0.1, it will be learned at Lv 15 instead.
- Wind Veil is now slightly stronger.

* Ligaea
- Bugfixed and rebalanced Followthrough. Followthrough procs are now worth 50% of a basic attack and neither generate nor consume TP.

* Ariadne
- Flameflow is now 2% mp regen per Burning stack.
- Ariadne now regenerates 60% mp rather than 30% after each combat
- Ariadne is now immune to fire damage.
- Purify and Cauterize now have slight speed priority.
- From the Ashes now will always go last, to avoid deaths on the same turn as a res.

In general, if you've played the game, I'd love to hear from you! I'm particularly interested in feedback on balance this update, since we've moved beyond the semi-tutorial that was the prelude, but feedback on anything that struck you about the game, good or bad, is welcome.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Progress Update

So, just a progress update. I had hoped to have v0.2 out by last week at the latest, but I bit off a... rather substantial chunk of content for this update as it turns out. That said, it's pretty much done now, but I still need to do further balance testing and send it through my beta players. So I estimate Monday or Tuesday for the actual release. Just in case anyone's reading this, haha.