Monday, November 13, 2017

Noblesse Oblige v0.3.5 Public Release

So, here's v0.3 finally! I really am going to do my best to get back onto a more regular release schedule after this, and I'll re-add my Patreon links after a release or two more to prove that this massive delay was just a one-off thing caused by irl circumstances. This version covers the journey home, but it also has some retroactive changes. Namely, the Cyridae portion of the intro sequence has been revamped and the Cave of Trials has been given a visual makeover both map-wise and enemy-wise. It also had one new tutorial fight (replacing a redundant one, so net exp is unchanged), and killing everything in it is now required for exp balancing reasons. Also, I have some new animations! If you see any cutscenes where Alexander still uses his old animation, please let me know so I can fix them. I also added a way to check the effects of the game's many buffs and debuffs on the fly!

Edit: Updated links to v0.3.5!

RTP included:!1zgxlb5B!UX2hEIoDO7p1Nsa1xAF7OTrIK6q1FtCqC79C03hvO3I


v0.3.3 Changelog
=New Content=
-New section of the plot
-One new dungeon
-Two optional semi-challenge bosses
-A new party member
-New UI to check the effects of buffs and debuffs during combat (added to the Shift menu when targeting an enemy; see screenshot above for example)

-New animations for several of Alexander and Ligaea's attacks
-Improved Fireball animation for Ariadne
-New animation for archers' Fixate
-Recolored animations for many demonic enemies in previous sections
-Intro sequence extended
-New character design for Antipater
-Cave of Trials redesigned visually
-Defeating every enemy in the Cave of Trials is now necessary
-New BGM for Avalonia
-Stat adjustment. Luck now does not affect the rate of application for buffs and debuffs and does not grow with leveling up, but instead is a fixed value per character that contributes to crit, crit defense, and evasion.
-Popups now display if a debuff was resisted or the target was immune

Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash after a certain optional boss battle.

Further bugfixing.

As ever, feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Reports of my Demise Have Been (Slightly) Exaggerated

So, I realize it's been way more than a month since my last update... For anyone still following this, I won't bore you with my personal issues, just say that this summer was really bad. But that's past now, and I have every intention of resuming work on this game. Noblesse Oblige v0.3 is actually mostly done, so hopefully I'll post that sometime this week. It's been mostly done for a month, actually, but I haven't been able to put the finishing touches on it because I decided to enter the 2017 IGMC. 

The game I made for the IGMC is, as per the rules, SFW, but it's a completed story that I think you'd still enjoy. You can find the game here:

Empyreal Wings

Empyreal Wings is the story of Elissa, princess of Liore and priestess of Astraea. To quote the game's description:

Liore, the White City... A tiny kingdom perched precariously between two empires, desperately keeping the peace as war simmers between its larger neighbors. As proof of the kingdom’s favor with Astraea, goddess of commerce and trade, every daughter of the royal line has been blessed with white wings upon her back… Elissa is one such daughter, the younger princess of the royal house of Liore. Both a priestess in service to her goddess and a princess in service to her people, Elissa is soon to wed a prince of one of the neighboring empires. But as the wedding draws near, so does danger—for not everyone wishes to see the peace between the empires maintained. Will you aid Elissa in her journey to survive the perils and politics that threaten her people, her kingdom... and her life?

If you like it or just have anything to say about it, please feel free to leave a comment here or on! Otherwise, just confirming that I'm alive and hoping to resume regular--if perhaps not monthly--updates on Noblesse Oblige very soon!