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I’m Lord Forte, the lead and currently sole developer of Lord Forte Games. If I defined who I was by education, then I would be a mathematician and ancient historian; family tradition would instead make me a writer. By choice, however, I have a particular passion for developing and designing games, and I have a particular love of turn-based RPGs and high fantasy. 

As a lover of turn-based RPGs, I’ve found myself sad to see the genre slowly fade away, with even its most iconic series turning to other battle systems. Unfortunately, it's also not so hard to see why this has happened, though. I think we've all played or seen weak RPGs where you don't have to put any thought into skill use and just hit attack over and over, or games where the only challenge is to your endurance in how much you're willing to grind. It goes without saying that neither of these things fulfill the potential of the genre. However, I think much can still be done to make the turn-based RPG compelling and exciting again.

 Drawing on myriad inspirations from across genres, my goal as a creator is to create turn-based RPGs that offer a dynamic, strategic, and fun approach to combat, rather than relying on attrition and using the same skill over and over. In addition, I think many share my frustration with the ineptitude, naivety, and simplistic mortality of many eastern RPG protagonists (or, conversely, with the gray and gray morality of many western RPGs). 

In Noblesse Oblige Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings,   I hope to address all these issues and build a better, more enjoyable RPG, one with a compelling protagonist, meaningful choices, and unique mechanics. If you share my passion for turn-based RPGs and engaging game mechanics, I invite you along on my journey to create new and exciting games, with worthy protagonists, deep lore, and meaningful choices.

Noblesse Oblige  is a project I have been working on for many years. As older posts on this blog demonstrate, I first started development in 2017. Although serious life circumstances interrupted my work back then, my ideas for the project were never far from my mind. In the intervening years, I’ve honed my skill in writing, developed some modicum of skill in art, and polished my old work. Now, with new skills and new resolve, I’ve returned to see the ideas that have been with me so long realized at last. 

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