Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Progress Update

So, progress update on v0.3. I had hoped to have it out by the 16th as I suggested in my last post, but... things have been pretty stressful on the work front. June is a rough month when you work in academia, haha. That said, I have been making fairly good progress. Assuming work doesn't flare up again, I can hopefully get this update out by the 23rd-ish.

In addition to a new section of content and a new party member, v0.3 brings some improvement to old content. The Cyridae section of the intro, for example, has been remapped and extended to include a sex scene, the Cave of Trials has a new tileset, and I replaced about 90% of the RTP battlers with something more interesting, both in the Cave of Trials and the second and fourth dungeons. I also redid a few animations.Hopefully I'll be able to get this out soon!

Edit: Well, not actually a work flare-up, but I've ended up a lot busier than normal for other reasons this weekend. It'll probably be another week, because I might be able to finish by friday, but that would require rushing that I'd rather not do, and also I wouldn't really have time to do appropriate playtesting.