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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know I've reached the end of the current version?

A: All versions end on the Temporal Rift, a floating crystal map in a dark void. Saves made in the Temporal Rift can be resumed when the next version releases. 

Q: How do I transfer my saves to a new version?

A: Unless otherwise stated in a release post, saves from a previous version will always be transferable to new versions. To do this, simply copy the files "Save(#).rvdata2" (where # is the number of the save file you want to transfer) from the previous version's folder to the new version's folder. The Steam version should carry over saves automatically. Using a save in the Temporal Rift is recommended, as this allows any balance changes in rewards or game factors to be retroactively applied to your save when starting the new version.

Q: What do all these buffs and debuffs do?

A: To check the effects of buffs and debuffs, hit Shift while targeting an enemy in battle, then use the Q and W keys to navigate between pages on different types of effects. You can also check buffs and debuffs on stunned or otherwise incapacitated party members by navigating with A and S.

Q: Can I play in fullscreen?

A: If you wish to use full screen mode, press F5. You can also use F6 to resize the window.

Q: Can I play with a controller?

A: You can! Be sure to plug the controller in before starting the game. The menu accessed through F1 menu allows rebinding keys or controller buttons, but please be aware, all button prompts will be displayed with their default keybindings. For further help on rebinding, check the in-game guide. 

Q: I'm stuck. What do I do?

A: Quests are tracked in the Quest Log on the main menu, with specific objectives listed, which should help keep track of what you need to do. If you're still confused, feel free to leave a comment on the release post, on Steam, or on Patreon and I or another player can help! If something was that confusing, I may also look at ways to make it clearer.

Q: I can't beat a boss, can I grind somewhere?

A: This game does not feature grinding. There are a finite number of enemies, and while I intend to let someone who skips much of the optional exp still able to complete the story, there will be optional content including bonus dungeons that is definitely tuned with the expectation that you've fought most things there are to fight. If you're in a situation where it feels impossible to win, please let me know and I'll have a look at your save.

Q: I datamined the game and found XYZ. Based on this, I theorize that certain things are planned, are coming, or will happen. Will you confirm or deny?

A: You are welcome to datamine the game if you wish. However, please realize that any content not available as part of an official release is likely unfinished, cut, and/or subject to change in the future, and I will not address speculation relating to this type of content. 

Q: Is Noblesse Oblige  an adult game?

A: Originally, it was. At present, Noblesse Oblige is an all-ages game with an optional patch that adds textual adult content. The patch may be downloaded on this site. 

Tips and Information

Here are some general, spoiler-free tips and bits of information to keep in mind while playing Noblesse Oblige:

- The Guide option on the main menu offers a way to review important notes (those provided in green text as you progress the game) and also basic information about game systems.

- If you're having trouble in combat, make sure you're utilizing skills appropriately, especially buffs and self-heals.

- Party members are healed for 30% of their maximum HP/MP after every battle (except Ariadne, who recovers 60% MP). 

- You can speed through most text, including cutscenes and visual novel-style full-page text, by holding either shift key.

- You can check the Passive Effects, current loyalty, and various properties of any party member in the Status menu.

- Different party members use and generate TP differently. Some characters have an alternate resource such as Sacred Power (SP) instead. Characters with special ways of generating TP or other resources typically say so in their Passive Effects. 

- Critical hits (crits) deal 150% of normal damage (as opposed to 300% of normal damage as standard in RPG Maker games or certain eastern RPGs). Critical hits are indicated by a flashing version of the damage popup. 

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