Novel Approach to Turn Based Combat

- Every character has unique passive effects determining how they approach combat

- Character skills are unique and have meaningful effects and cooldowns or limitations 

- Resource management is dynamic; you should almost never have to hit the basic “Attack” button

- Bosses also have unique skills and mechanics, many of which interact with player mechanics in reactive ways

- Craft custom equipment for characters that interacts with their mechanics in interesting ways

- Bring along those not as suited to fighting as Support Members

Ruling the Realm

- Manage Alexander’s reign through key Social, Economic, and Military factors. These factors are affected by story decisions, completing sidequests, and investing in proposals

- Manage your Royal Funds by investing in proposals to improve the realm

- Hold court and pass judgment, making important decisions regarding disputes and problems

Loyal Hetairoi

- Party members have opinions of your decisions, which affects their Loyalty value

- Making decisions they agree with will improve a party member’s loyalty

- High loyalty unlocks new skill upgrades, new skills, and exclusive story content for that character

- Some characters may or may not be available as party members depending on your story choices

Castle Customization

- Customize your castle to match your tastes

- Exterior customization and castle grounds customization available starting at different points in the story

- Show off your flair and impress the realm!

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