Friday, December 1, 2023

v0.9.1.7 Hotfix

 I've released a new version of the game to fix a potential crash. This will hopefully be the last hotfix before v0.10. Note, if you've recently reported typos or minor issues, they may not be fixed in this build, as those changes were made in my internal working version.

Get it here!

v0.9.1.7 Hotfix

- Fixed a rare crash caused by multi-hit enemy skills and Alexander's Riposte.

- Repositioned the turn timer on Ariadne's Burning effects to let the stack level numbers beneath be clearer.

- Reworded Ariadne's Ignite and Incinerate skills to make their effects clearer (Incinerate does damage based on the level of Burning on the enemy, 0-3, and Ignite adds a Lv 3 Burning effect).