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 As an Early Access game, Noblesse Oblige  is a work in progress. The game already contains over 35 hours of playtime, comprising over 500,000 words of content. The present release schedule is to release a new set of content every 2-3 months. Content releases are intended to be fully playable episodic sections that are essentially complete. Each update released in this format should contain a substantive chapter of the story. Game versions release first to supporters on Patreon; after a month (period length subject to change) of patron access, the releases will go public and be available on this site.

Unless otherwise indicated, saves from prior versions are always backwards compatible. Saves can be moved between versions by copying the file(s) "Save(#).rvdata2" (where # is the number of the save file you want to transfer) from the previous version's folder to the new version's folder. Saves for the Steam version should transfer automatically between versions. 

At present, Noblesse Oblige is free, and the latest public releases may be found on this page or on Steam (coming soon). When the game is closer to completion, this may change. For now, if you would like to support Noblesse Oblige: Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings  as the passion project of a solo developer, please consider supporting the game on Patreon () or buying the Royal Support DLC on Steam (coming soon). 

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