Current Version and Changelog

Current Patreon Version: 

v0.12.0.7 "The City of Merchants" (get it here with Patreon access)

Current Public/Steam Version: 

v0.11.1.8 "A King's Legacy" (get it here or on Steam) 

Patch Notes:

v0.11.1.2 "A King's Legacy" Patch Notes (4-26-2024) 

- Significant new section of the story

- 74k words of text

- Extensive new combat section(s)

- New title screen for the game!

Art by the very talented Celineyus:

- New art for Alexander, including a bust and 32 expressions!

Art by Mimo:

- New art for Ligaea, including a bust and 6 new expressions! (note: a patch is available here to restore the old look if you dislike the new one).

Art (new and old) by Zecypher:

- Recolored art for Sindarion and Lorena to better match their roles in the story! In addition, extra expressions have been added for Sindarion, Lorena, Lorelai, and to a lesser extent Veronica.

- Recolored sprites for Calysia and another member to better match their bust and portrait art!

- Busts added for character introductions where possible! These can be reviewed at a new book in Alexander's room

- One new intimate scene for those with the optional patch.

- Four new achievements for those playing on Steam.

= Balance Changes

- Alexander

~ Changed the effect of the Prince's Regalia to be -20% MP cost rather than MP regen, as its effect was trivializing his MP management entirely, and the crown is quite good otherwise already.

- Sindarion full rework!

~ Poison damage buffed, and Wracking Poison desc expanded.

~ Most skills now have a stealth and non-stealth version that replace each other in the menu.

~ Stealth versions of most skills now ignore Cover and range reduction (note they still show as resist," but the damage is increased to offset).

~ Skill functions and damage allocations have changed.

~ Skill TP costs and TP regen changed up to create more of a rotational cycle.

~ Vanish now costs no TP, has High Priority, and grants 100% evasion vs most attacks on the round used. Also clarified that it removes fixates.

~ Stealth now increases attack by 20% and grants partial piercing damage.

~ Perfect Focus now has a 3-round cooldown and automatically activates if off CD when an attack would knock Sindarion out of stealth.

~ Ambush cooldown reduced.

~ Added a new set of skills, Dagger Rush/Deadly Rush.

~ Acidic Shiv is now under Alchemy and has an 8 round cooldown rather than one use per combat.

~ Sunthistle Tea is now Instant and has a two-round warmup.

Developer's note: Sindarion felt like he was badly underperforming, especially compared to Ligaea who shares a similar role of single-target physical attacker. More to the point, he was pretty boring. So, he's been completely reworked to be both more competitive, more engaging, and more unique. He now focuses on damage negation and the ability to hit enemies regardless of Cover or range while in Stealth.

- Buffs to Cynthia, including:

~ Farstrike damage increased.

~ Annihilate can no longer miss.

~ Clash now has slight priority.

~ Healing of Tranquil Fury increased.

~ Clash now pierces Cover effects.

- Buffs to Lorena, including:

~ Swift Strike restores an extra 10% MP.

~ Howling Slash restores an additional 20% MP and has a three-round cooldown (was four).

~ Shatter now restores 20% MP

- Adjustments to Somnus

~ Warding Thorns cost increased to 200 MP.

~ Siphon Aether cost reduced to 20 DP.

~ Shadow Lance now applies Touch of Night if the target is not already affected by Touch of Night.

- Some improvements to Sir Leonidas

~ Leonidas now uses unique gear when temporarily in the party.

~ Increased TGR, Hit, and Crit for Sir Leonidas slightly

~ Sir Leonidas now has passive effects when temporarily in the party (based off his effects as a support member).

= UI Improvements

- Increased the height of the game window by 64px. This is the max possible at present.

- Reduced the screen dimness caused by weather by 33%.

= Bugfixes

- Somnus's Enthrall will now be removed by damage at the appropriate rate.

- Calysia's Moonblades now generate Sacred Power as intended.

- Calysia's Purge Sorcery now cannot be evaded or reflected.

- Wildfire now properly deals 200% damage against a single enemy.

- Blazing Arrow now correctly consumes Ariadne's MP and may cause Burning.

- Various polishing changes throughout the game.

= Known Issues

- The proposal screen does not display Elite Units as a benefit. This will be addressed in a future version, as I ran out of time.

- The Quest Log quest descriptions may clip the border in some cases. This will be addressed in a future version, as I ran out of time.

v0.10.1.0 "Fateful Encounters" Patch Notes (2-2-2024)

- Significant new section of the story

- Many new locations to explore!

- 52k words of text

- New combat sections

- New optional party member available for those who could and chose to recruit him last update

- Some new content I'm very excited for you to discover but won't spoil =P

- You can now tell steam to apply all eligible Steam achievements to a save imported from a non-Steam version from the Temporal Rift or to correct any missing achievements from having been disconnected when they should have been earned.

- Several new Steam achievements related to party members! Note: Since these were not tracked previously, retroactive credit is not possible.

= Balance Changes

- Slightly lowered the damage of Lorena's Frostshard

- Lowered the bonus damage of Lorena and Ariadne's synergy to 3% per stack of Burning/Chilled instead of 5% per stack. Hitting a Frozen enemy with a fire skill is now 30% extra damage rather than 50%.

- Healing items (including Improved Potion) now do 30% more healing when used by Sindarion.

= UI Changes

- New save screen! Now there are 200 save slots, split into 10 pages of 20 slots. This should hopefully mitigate the lag on opening the save menu. The autosave slot is now Slot 200. Please report any issues with this.

- Characters now have different facial expressions in the battle or party UI when below 25% HP.

- Fixed the F12 functionality. Using F12 to reset to the title screen will now properly clear the battle UI and will no longer make Graphical Object crashes more likely to occur. Please report any issues with this.

- Increased the height of the help menu in combat and the skills screen by 1 line.

= Bugfixes

- Implemented the defense piercing property on Blitz from Sindarion's 50-loyalty event.

- Fixed a possible softlock after finishing Sindarion and Ligaea's synergy scene in Chapter 8.

- Fixed the loyalty changes for the choices in a petition being reversed (will be retroactively fixed for old saves in the Temporal Rift).

- Fixed the cost of funding both the healers' guild and a sacred grove in Chapter 8 not being correctly subtracted (will be retroactively fixed for old saves in the Temporal Rift).

- Various minor passability fixes to old content.

- Fixed a bug in which Lorena's absolution registered as a physical attack.

= Misc Changes

- Added text informing the player that the Prince's Regalia adds a new skill when equipped.

- Redid the animation for Cloak Spin (again XD) so it looks less like a debuff.

- Reverted Lorena's Howling Cleave to the old animation as it felt more forceful (and the new one seemed to cause issues for those emulating on Macs).

- Properly centered the Sacred map casting animation like the others.

- Made a new golden map casting animation for members of the Order of Alcina and some others.

- Continuing war on typos. XD Many thanks to StormyAngel for very comprehensive reporting, and to everyone else who has reported them!

v0.10.1.2 Hotfix (2-6-2024)

= Bugfixes

- Addressed a spot where it was possible to get stuck in Chapter 9.

- Fixed a bug with "Religious Orders of Velonia" which caused the book to get stuck in an infinite loop.

v0.9.1.2 "A Myrmidon's Honor" Patch Notes (11-3-2023)

- 68k words of content

- New section of the game and story

- One new combat section

- New optional boss

- Another major story decision (along most paths)

- See the Castle Town begin to transform with story progression!

- Begin commissioning Custom Armor, if the right conditions are met!

- This update will see a lot of past choices come into play, moreso than any previous update

- Sindarion's 50-loyalty skill is available

- Note: Ligaea and Ariadne's 75-loyalty skills are not currently available even if they reach this threshold, pending future story events; similarly, Cynthia's 50-loyalty skill is not yet accessible.

= Balance Changes

- Reduced the damage on Whirlwind, given just how much it was doing as an AoE ability

- Reduced the defense piercing properties of Power Shot from 50% defense piercing to 25% defense piercing. This will mainly be noticeable against high defense enemies

- Corrected a bug with Wracking Poison dealing percentage-based damage

- Alexander's attacks now deal half "piercing" elemental damage to better represent his rapier, and Pierce deals fully Piercing damage. Piercing damage (currently only used in this fashion--other skills referred to as "Piercing" ignore part of the enemy's defense stat) is identical to Physical damage vs ranged enemies, but is not reduced by the physical damage percentage resistance of armored enemies.

= UI Changes

- Reordered the Battle Status menu windows to more easily check effects

= Misc Changes

- Added a new animation for Cloak Spin

Added a new animation for Searing Wind

- Added one new statue option for castle interior customization

- Backend changes to ensure that proposal descriptions and effects can be dynamically updated as needed

- Various minor improvements to the mapping of the Castle Town

- New map-sized versions of Ligaea's arrow animation for use in cutscenes

v0.9.1.5 Hotfix (11-6-2023)

= Features
- Added the option to set the max number of messages for the backlog to the system menu. The default number of messages shown is now 25. If using an old save, your save will still be at 50 and you will need to reduce the number to 25.

= Changes
- Changed the buff icon on Sir Zethus's Unmoving Aegis for greater clarity.

= Bugfixes
- Corrected a bug where too much text in the backlog would crash the game. As this issue is an engine limitation, I can't fully prevent it, but the issue will now throw an in-game error message into the backlog instead of crashing the game.

v0.9.1.6 Patch (11-15-2023)

This minor patch mostly involves a few minor story changes and clarifications

- The dialog surrounding the possible major choice in Chapter 8 for those on the Alcinian route has changed somewhat in the case that you declined to recruit the optional character involved, to offer a little more closure.
- Added some slight further context on the nature of blood pacts.
- Added a little more clarification of Alexander's thinking on why the only choices for dealing with Kadmus were those that were offered.
- Added a line in Shadowreach in Chapter 3 clarifying that the magical taint left by the events in Hypernia are something that will naturally fade over time.
- Slapped some sense into a guard in Hypernia who was too bored with his patrol to notice that Ligaea is a woman.
- Corrected a bug that could occur in the Kharos dungeon via applying the adult content patch after having been playing without it.
- Fixed a few typos and other minor things.

v0.9.1.7 Hotfix (12-1-2023)

- Fixed a rare crash caused by multi-hit enemy skills and Alexander's Riposte.

- Repositioned the turn timer on Ariadne's Burning effects to let the stack level numbers beneath be clearer.

- Reworded Ariadne's Ignite and Incinerate skills to make their effects clearer (Incinerate does damage based on the level of Burning on the enemy, 0-3, and Ignite adds a Lv 3 Burning effect). 


v0.8 release (10-6-2023)

- A new section of the game, containing Chapter 7: The Fate of Riversmeet
- 46k words of content
- A new combat section involving two separate parties
- A new iteration of content at Castle Kharos
- Castle Grounds customization if you invested in the appropriate proposal in v0.7
- New proposals to invest in
- New optional party member available based on choices last update
- Calysia’s 50-loyalty skill upgrade is available if loyalty threshold is met
- A new skill is available for Sindarion at 33 loyalty
- New support members with associated effects (available during the combat section)
- Added new enemy types to some dungeons the the Prelude, Chapter 1, and Chapter 3. 
- Added the option to cycle window sizes. Use F6 to access this functionality! 

v0.8.6.8 patch (10-11-2023)

- Added some extra dialog in Chapter 1 to contextualize an important choice.
- Corrected a rare crash in the prelude.
- Corrected a spot in Chapter 4 where Cassander used the incorrect map sprite.
- Corrected a spot in the prelude where Ariadne used an incorrect faceset.
- Corrected a spot in Chapter 1 to ensure a soldier used the updated soldier faceset.
- Fixed a crash on opening the combat status menu when a defense debuff was active
- Added text at the start of a new game and in the Guide menu item to make the functions of rebinding options for controller buttons clearer
- Corrected several minor quest log discrepancies in various places. These were purely visual bugs that should have no effects on gameplay.
- Various other minor fixes.

v0.8.7.0 patch (10-17-2023)

= Features
- Added an Autosave feature. An autosave will be made in slot 152 (labeled "Autosave") after any map transition.
- Added a visual-novel style text backlog, accessed by pressing the D key. This feature is experimental, so please report any bugs encountered.
- Allowed audio settings to persist between saves (mainly so that they apply on the title screen). At present, applying the adult patch may disrupt this, but should not break anything. 
- Improved the visibility of the arrows when the skill list can be scrolled. 

= Bugfixes
- Fixed a potential crash when opening the Forging UI for the first time (I hope; this issue was hard to pin down, so if it happens after the patch, please report it).
- Fixed a softlock on the intro to the Elysian Groves that could occur if text was read too quickly.
- Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive on hitting accept with new status menu options selected. 

= Changes
- Rewrote the conversation in Chapter 4 between Anselm and Siegfried. In addition, Anselm's epithet is now "Anselm the Unyielding." If you would like to view the changed scene without replaying, I have uploaded a video.
- Added some hints toward finding the 5th clue during the Smuggler Hunt quest in Chapter 4, to hopefully make it less frustrating. 

v0.7 release (8-4-2023)

- This marks the rerelease of the game
- A new save is HIGHLY suggested if anyone still has a save from v0.3.5
- Four new story sections (v0.4, v0.5, v0.6. v.07) developed without prior public release
- Multiple dungeons and many new locales
- Two new party members
- A major story choice
- Changes since v0.3.5 are too numerous to fully list. 
- Interior castle customization system for Castle Kharos
- New UIs for investing in proposals and crafting custom gear
- Fast Travel for Castle Kharos
- New art for Alexander, Ariadne, and Ligaea
- 50-loyalty skill upgrades available for Ligaea and Ariadne
- Remapping of old areas to use new assets (especially Avalonia)
- New art for many generic NPCs, including Avalonians and Versalian soldiers
- The Verdant Scouring (all characters with green hair have been recolored to other colors)
- New airship graphics reflecting the style of airship used in the game
- Unique skill animations for most of Alexander and Ligaea's skills
- Rebalanced some skills and levels learned
- New and improved battle info window, providing information on the effects of buffs and debuffs
- New Guide menu containing key help topics
- Added many explanatory notes and features
- UI rework (shift to using gold and purple colors)
- Added icons to learned skills and item pickups

v0.7.5.3 Update (9-8-2023)

- New battle music for stealth sections and fights in the Chapter 6 content
- Improved some AI logic for a boss fight in Chapter 1 content 

v0.7.5.7 Hotfix (10-3-2023)

- Corrected an issue that could cause crashing when viewing the Proposals menu with no available proposals. In addition, added a "Funded Proposals" section. 

- Corrected an issue causing the guard on the Avalonian Highway to disappear 

- Corrected an issue that could cause crashing with Glaciate/Frostbite effects in rare cases. Additionally, added tutorial text for Glaciate effects.

- Fixed a multitude of typos

- Adjusted the outcome of certain choice combinations in Chapter 2. 

v0.3.5 (11-13-2017)

New Content:
-New section of the plot
-One new dungeon
-Two optional semi-challenge bosses
-A new party member
-New UI to check the effects of buffs and debuffs during combat (added to the Shift menu when targetting an enemy)

-New animations for several of Alexander and Ligaea's attacks
-New animation for archers' Fixate
-Intro sequence extended
-New character design for Antipater
-Cave of Trials redesigned visually
-Defeating every enemy in the Cave of Trials is now necessary
-Stat adjustment. Luck now does not affect the rate of application for buffs and debuffs and does not grow with leveling up, but instead is a fixed value per character that contributes to crit, crit defense, and evasion. 

v0.2.5 (4-18-2017)

- A complete section of the game, featuring the city-state of Hypernia
- Two new dungeons
- 700% more cowbell (literally speaking compared to internal testing version 0.2.4 =P )
- Skills can now be "instant," not consuming a turn. 
- Additional equipment slots using the Ace Equip Engine by Yanfly. If you are continuing from a v0.1 save, you may wish to make certain all equips are in the correct slots.
- One optional, challenging boss near the end of the current story segment. 

Note that this optional fight is connected to a story choice, but I have provided a save point directly before the choice. Thus, while I encourage you to pick a choice based on what you think is right, as either option will have long-term consequences, if you want to try the fight for fun regardless of your choice, it should be easy to do so. 

-Fixed a bug resulting from the Chain Battles script that caused excessive exp gain until the first save-reload. If you finished v0.1 with Alexander above Lv 13, you may wish to restart the game to ensure you don't miss out on skills added in future updates.
-Fixed a bug with quest objectives in v0.1. This bug did not affect story functionality.
-Adjusted the names of the illusory wasp packs in the Cave of Trials to make functionality clearer.
-Corrected the background width for the second dungeon in v0.1 content.
-Corrected the appearance of tutorial text for the first fight using the "Trapped" debuff. Note that this debuff massively reduces dodge chance while inflicted.

=Balance adjustments=
* General
- Potions now have some degree of speed priority.

* Alexander
- Momentum now has slight speed priority.
- Now learns Draining Strikes at Lv 16 rather than Lv 13. 
- Draining Strikes is now Instant, drains 50% of physical damage dealt, lasts 5 rounds, and may only be used once per battle. 
- A new skill, Lunge, is now learned at Lv 13. If you are continuing from v0.1, it will be learned at Lv 15 instead.
- Wind Veil is now slightly stronger.

* Ligaea
- Bugfixed and rebalanced Followthrough. Followthrough procs are now worth 50% of a basic attack and neither generate nor consume TP.

* Ariadne
- Flameflow is now 2% MP regen per Burning stack.
- Ariadne now regenerates 60% MP rather than 30% after each combat
- Ariadne is now immune to fire damage.
- Purify and Cauterize now have slight speed priority.
- From the Ashes now will always go last, to avoid deaths on the same turn as a res.


  1. AnythingAtAll found something strange. While playing through the game again, just before fighting the boss in riversmeet all his characters had 1 less exp than was recorded in the experience guide in the wiki. I am making the guide, so I checked his save and mine and I could confirm. Both saves were in the exact same place in the game with exactly 1 exp less on his save. I don't think there is an enemy that he could have missed that would give 1 exp in that section. Just in the previous state where you can check your exp (In the section with Ligaea and Sindarion just before pulling the winch), Ligaea's exp still fit with the exp recorded in the experience guide. He suspects the fight that lead to the change might be Kadmus, which gives 1874 exp. Did this fight maybe give 1875 in a previous version of the game?

    1. This looks to be correct. I must have accidentally it an arrow key with the page of one of the retainers up and changed its exp by 1. Will be corrected next version.

    2. I've corrected this with v0.11.1.4. You can add 1 exp in the rift if desired. Saves that are 1 short of max exp will be fixed by the version intro in 0.12 as well.