Monday, September 25, 2023

v0.7.5.6 Release +

New version available:

Noblesse Oblige v0.7.5.6

= Edit 9/29/2023

Updated to v0.7.5.6 to address a potentially gamebreaking bug where Sindarion failed to learn new skills during an event during Chapter 4. 


Nothing game breaking, but some UI improvements I thought were worth pushing to the public build, mainly with a new UI to show Prince's Command's effects and better arrows to indicate that a skill list is scrollable. More importantly, because it was mostly useless anyway and to avoid confusion, the Scan skill has been removed from the Encyclopedia Velonia and the tutorial information about using the Shift menu in battle rewritten accordingly. 

In addition, I wanted to note that I've set up an page. It also has the newest public release versions, if you prefer a host that isn't Mega. 

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Noblesse Oblige: Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings v0.7.5.3

This isn't quite a hotfix, but in tinkering with the latest version, I've made some important improvements that seemed worth a new version post. 

v0.7.5.3 Update (9-8-2023)

- New battle music for stealth sections and fights in the Chapter 6 content
- Improved some AI logic for a boss fight in Chapter 1 content 

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Steam Page Available!

 After significant wrangling with the review process, I've gotten the game up on Steam. If you'd rather play there, the game will release on steam in approximately one month, on October 6th. I will also be making the v0.8 "The Fate of Riversmeet" update public on the same date. In general, I aim to bring releases public a month after Patreon release, but this one is somewhat different given the amount of time I've spent setting up sites and such.

If you're interested in playing the newest update before then, please consider supporting the game on Patreon. 

Find the Steam page here!