Though Noblesse Oblige - Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings has many characters, three stand above the rest. These are the main characters and protagonists of the game:


“It is our duty as nobles to do right by others.”

Class: Duelist

Age: 22 (as of the year 903 of the Imperial calendar)

A quick-witted young nobleman possessed of both considerable skill with a rapier and a command of wind sorcery. A strong believer in the principle of noblesse oblige, or the obligations that come with nobility, Alexander seeks to change the world for the better. Yet, he is no fool; he knows well that bringing such change to pass will require pragmatism as much as idealism. He will have need of both, as well as strength, cunning, and trusted allies in the tumultuous days ahead. 


“A battle would be less daunting than the ball, as far as I'm concerned..”

Class: Flameweaver

Age: 20 (as of the year 903 of the Imperial calendar)

A strong-willed princess possessed of a powerful gift of flame sorcery. Born a sorceress in high nobility—a mingling of power and magic many deem unacceptable—Ariadne has long resented the strictures and impositions of her royal lineage; she would rather have been born only a sorceress. A close friend of Alexander, Ariadne may be quick to tease and banter, but one could not ask for a more steadfast ally. 


“I think you surely overestimate me, your grace. I give my all because I could never succeed with less.”

Class: Huntress

Age: 23 (as of the year 903 of the Imperial calendar)

An intelligent and studious commoner with considerable skill as an archer. Ligaea was born to a favored royal huntsman in her homeland, but has never been content with the life she was expected to live. Excelling equally in her studies and at marksmanship, Ligaea longs for the chance to prove her worth to the world. As a commoner enrolled at a school for nobles, Ligaea has long found herself a target of other students’ scorn—and, almost as often, found herself guarded from it by Alexander’s sharp words and quick wit.

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