Friday, December 1, 2023

v0.9.1.7 Hotfix

 I've released a new version of the game to fix a potential crash. This will hopefully be the last hotfix before v0.10. Note, if you've recently reported typos or minor issues, they may not be fixed in this build, as those changes were made in my internal working version.

Get it here!

v0.9.1.7 Hotfix

- Fixed a rare crash caused by multi-hit enemy skills and Alexander's Riposte.

- Repositioned the turn timer on Ariadne's Burning effects to let the stack level numbers beneath be clearer.

- Reworded Ariadne's Ignite and Incinerate skills to make their effects clearer (Incinerate does damage based on the level of Burning on the enemy, 0-3, and Ignite adds a Lv 3 Burning effect). 


  1. Early in, but very impressed by this. Will definitely be following. One thing that does feel a little odd is the engine choice - do you mind if I ask why you chose it?

    1. Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy it. ^^

      Do you mean RPG Maker in general, or XV Ace in particular? For RPG Maker in general, the biggest reason is just that it was a good starting engine for which a lot of resources exist, and also the game that inspired me was made in it. I think it's nice in that it has a default implementation of a lot of features, but also a high degree of customizability, so I don't have to build everything from the ground up, but can change how most things work if I desire.

      As for VX Ace, there are several reasons. The biggest one is that I started this project some time ago, when MV had just come out, before life interrupted me. As a result, when I picked it up, I had a lot of work already done and also, XV Ace uses Ruby, which I had somewhat learned already, versus the two newer ones using Javascript which I could learn but don't currently know. I also have a lot of resources in VXA formats that I've bought over the years.

      That said, even if I was starting fresh, there are some reasons I'd consider VXA. I'm personally relatively drawn to its visual stylization which I think is a bit less chibi than the more recent makers and reminds me of GBA-era games, which I enjoyed a lot. There are also a lot of good resources available for XVA format, many more than for the recent ones (and you can't just upscale without quality loss). The newer ones do have much better character generators, but the resources available for Ace are much more varied and tend to have faceset variants available. (Obviously, Alexander needs those, my artist has just been somewhat art blocked of late). I also personally like the look of the UI etc. much better than MV/MZ, and there are scripts available to do many things (or that I can modify to do many things).

      Honestly, the main limitations I feel for the engine are the inability to remap certain things (mainly the F keys) and not having a few more mapping layers like MZ does and the slightly heavy CPU reliance for drawing things. Most of the others feel decently offset by my ability to make it dance on its head and do things it was never meant to do. XD

    2. Thanks for the comprehensive response, makes sense. Graphically the small display area doesn't work very well on large modern monitors, but graphics aren't the main call of the game and I am used to it from TLS (and it's a great fit for the steam deck screen too).