Friday, January 5, 2024

v0.10.0.6 "Fateful Encounters" Patreon Release

 The newest version of Noblesse Oblige Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings, is available to supporters on Patreon! 

You can get it here with patreon access.

v0.10 will be releasing to the public in one month, on February 2nd!

v0.10.0.6 "Fateful Encounters" Features:

- Significant new section of the story

- Many new locations to explore! 

- 52k words of text

- New combat sections

- New optional party member available for those who could and chose to recruit him last update

- Some new content I'm very excited for you to discover but won't spoil =P



  1. Nice! Chapter is a lot of fun!
    A lot bigger and with more variety I expected given that it's an "early release" of the content you were working on.
    Some very minor mistakes I found:
    Bottom Arkos Guard standing on the road says: Whatever else might share some of the blame. I think it should be "Whoever".
    In the bottom house of the village, there's a wall tile, just atop the furnace and just below the top of the wall that has no collision and alexander can walk into it.
    In the forest, the tree below the stairs has no collision at the roots. It has a boulder and a fallen log next to it.
    In the Alcinian's sanctum, talking with the three maids, the player character says "Yoiu're part of the duke's entourage?"
    The description of the Spell "Gale" has an "an" instead of an "and" in it.
    I had one instance during a battle my character ended up with the green arrow fatetwister symbol and the red arrow fatetwister symbol at once. This seems to happen when using "Beguile". The double symbols disappeared after using another spell though.
    Otherwise not much else. Do you have testers helping you out? That's a pretty small amount of issues for an update this big.

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I admittedly probably underestimated its actual substance a bit, hah. XD It did end up getting fleshed out a bit in spots and such, which I think was for the best (adding all the sidequests, etc.)

      Thanks for the reports, will correct!

      I do. I had two early playtesters this update, and hopefully will in the future as well. While it adds a little to the release window, I do like having a little more certainty I didn't miss some obvious, game-breaking issue from someone who plays a bit differently than I do, haha. Nonetheless, all issue reports are much appreciated!

  2. Also just noticed the achievement "Just a little sightseeing" didn't unlock in the steam version despite me activating each of the three sparkles on the balcony. (I assume that's what the achievement is about, right?).

    1. You're correct.

      Oh, good catch. Looks like there was a copy + paste error in those. I'll correct and upload a new version, thanks! Unfortunately in this case you may need to reload a save during that section.

  3. No problem, I should have a save on the balcony anyway.

    1. This should be fixed now. Let me know if it is (though be sure the game updates for you first, steam is finnicky about recognizing it needs to sometimes).

  4. It's February 2nd boiz