Friday, February 2, 2024

Noblesse Oblige v0.10.1.1 "Fateful Encounters" Public Release!

v0.10.1.0 "Fateful Encounters" is now available to the public and on Steam!

Edit: Updated link to v0.10.1.1 to fix a missing file error in Chapter 8. 

Get it here!

v0.10.1.0 "Fateful Encounters" Patch Notes

- Significant new section of the story

- Many new locations to explore! 

- 52k words of text

- New combat sections

- New optional party member available for those who could and chose to recruit him last update

- Some new content I'm very excited for you to discover but won't spoil =P

- You can now tell steam to apply all eligible Steam achievements to a save imported from a non-Steam version from the Temporal Rift or to correct any missing achievements from having been disconnected when they should have been earned.

- Several new Steam achievements related to party members! Note: Since these were not tracked previously, retroactive credit is not possible. 

= Balance Changes

- Slightly lowered the damage of Lorena's Frostshard

- Lowered the bonus damage of Lorena and Ariadne's synergy to 3% per stack of Burning/Chilled instead of 5% per stack. Hitting a Frozen enemy with a fire skill is now 30% extra damage rather than 50%.

- Healing items (including Improved Potion) now do 30% more healing when used by Sindarion. 

= UI Changes

- New save screen! Now there are 200 save slots, split into 10 pages of 20 slots. This should hopefully mitigate the lag on opening the save menu. The autosave slot is now Slot 200. Please report any issues with this. 

- Characters now have different facial expressions in the battle or party UI when below 25% HP.

- Fixed the F12 functionality. Using F12 to reset to the title screen will now properly clear the battle UI and will no longer make Graphical Object crashes more likely to occur. Please report any issues with this.

- Increasesd the height of the help menu in combat and the skills screen by 1 line.

= Bugfixes

- Implemented the defense piercing property on Blitz from Sindarion's 50-loyalty event.

- Fixed a possible softlock after finishing Sindarion and Ligaea's synergy scene in Chapter 8. 

- Fixed the loyalty changes for the choices in a petition being reversed (will be retroactively fixed for old saves in the Temporal Rift). 

- Fixed the cost of funding both the healers' guild and a sacred grove in Chapter 8 not being correctly subtracted (will be retroactively fixed for old saves in the Temporal Rift). 

- Various minor passability fixes to old content.

- Fixed a bug in which Lorena's absolution registered as a physical attack. 

= Misc Changes

- Added text informing the player that the Prince's Regalia adds a new skill when equipped.

- Redid the animation for Cloak Spin (again XD) so it looks less like a debuff.

- Reverted Lorena's Howling Cleave to the old animation as it felt more forceful (and the new one seemed to cause issues for those emulating on Macs).

- Properly centered the Sacred map casting animation like the others.

- Made a new golden map casting animation for members of the Order of Alcina and some others.

- Continuing war on typos. XD Many thanks to StormyAngel for very comprehensive reporting, and to everyone else who has reported them! 


  1. There is something wrong in the book “Religious orders of Velonia” (Chapter 6).
    When you try to read it, it’s an almost endless loop of the first pages. I even had trouble to stop reading it (Echap mostly continue the loop).

    1. Ack, good catch. Looks like an improvement I tried to make to it backfired badly. I'll get this fixed asap.