Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Noblesse Oblige v0.10.1.3 Hotfix

I've released a  hotfix for a few minor issues. 

Edit: Hotfix updated to v0.10.1.3 to fix another potential crash. 

Get it here!

v0.10.1.2 Hotfix

= Bugfixes
- Addressed a spot where it was possible to get stuck in Chapter 9.
- Fixed a bug with "Religious Orders of Velonia" which caused the book to get stuck in an infinite loop. 

v0.10.1.3 Hotfix

= Bugfixes
- Fixed a crash that would occur if the new optional party member in Chapter 9 fell below 25% HP.


  1. I left the Alcinian Sanctuary in Riversmeet right after the boss fight, and didn't speak to the informant on the left. Now, he's gone and I can't start the Smuggler's Den quest. Is there another way to start the quest, or is it permanently missed?

    1. Hm, this is not intended behavior and I don't see why it's happening... Nothing on his event should change without actually interacting with him. Could you upload a screenshot of what the sanctum looks like for you if you re-enter it?

    2. In particular, are you sure he's not just difficult to see? This is something I've considered adjusting in the past, See the red box here:

    3. I went back in and found him, ha ha. He just blends in with the dark floor, so I had to look extra close. Maybe give him light hair or something. Thanks for the quick response!

    4. No problem, and glad to help! Yeah, I'm considering ways to make him more visible now.

    5. Found a bug; this error came up during the third bandit ambush in the forest.

      "Cache:106:in `initialize': No such file or directory - Graphics/Faces/SomnusFace, Errno::ENOENT
      from Cache:106:in `new'
      from Cache:106:in `normal_bitmap'
      from Cache:91:in `load_bitmap'
      from Cache:45:in `face'
      from Yanfly Battle:2006:in `draw_face'
      from HP-Based Actor Face:28:in `draw_actor_face'
      from Yanfly Battle:1967:in `draw_item'
      from Instant Skills:299:in `status_redraw_target'
      from Yanfly Battle:3200:in `apply_item_effects'
      from Steal Command:991:in `apply_item_effects'
      from Scene_Battle:597:in `invoke_item'
      from Yanfly Battle:3307:in `invoke_item'
      from Lunatic Params:458:in `invoke_item'
      from Yanfly Battle:3291:in `block (2 levels) in use_item'
      from Yanfly Battle:3291:in `times'
      from Yanfly Battle:3291:in `block in use_item'
      from Yanfly Battle:3287:in `each'
      from Yanfly Battle:3287:in `use_item'
      from Field Status:705:in `use_item'
      from Random Skill:163:in `use_item'
      from Yanfly Battle:3187:in `execute_action'
      from Lunatic States:1913:in `execute_action'
      from Instant Skills:307:in `execute_action'
      from CombatLog:489:in `execute_action'
      from Scene_Battle:550:in `process_action'
      from Scene_Battle:48:in `update'
      from Message Log:451:in `update'
      from Scene_Base:14:in `main'
      from SceneManager:23:in `run'
      from Main:10:in `block in '"

    6. Are you on v0.10.1.3? That was the error I created the hotfix to address. If so, I'll look into why it's still there.

    7. I was in v0.10.1.2; will download hotfix and give it a go.