Friday, August 4, 2023

Noblesse Oblige v0.7.5.2 Public Release!

The newest public version of Noblesse Oblige - Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings  is now available! 

Get it here!

The total playtime for v0.7.5 (from a new save) should be +17 hours. All content included in the current version, while always subject to adjustment in future versions, is fundamentally complete. Saves made at the end of this version of the game can be transferred to the next version and resumed. 

Since this is the first new version, have a look at the Media page for screenshots of content! Future releases will include a few screenshots of new content. 

The .exe file is essentially a zip that will extract the game when run. If there is significant demand, I am amenable to providing the game in .zip or .rar versions also. The linked version includes the RPG Maker VX Ace runtime package (RTP) for ease of use, so you will not need to install the RTP in order to play the game. 

Questions, comments, and other forms of feedback are welcome!

v0.7 release notes and changelog (8-4-2023)

- This marks the rerelease of the game
- A new save is HIGHLY suggested if anyone still has a save from v0.3.5
- Four new story sections (v0.4, v0.5, v0.6. v.07) developed without prior public release
- Multiple dungeons and many new locales
- Two new party members
- A major story choice
- Changes since v0.3.5 are too numerous to fully list. 
- Interior castle customization system for Castle Kharos
- New UIs for investing in proposals and crafting custom gear
- Fast Travel for Castle Kharos
- New art for Alexander, Ariadne, and Ligaea
- 50-loyalty skill upgrades available for Ligaea and Ariadne
- Remapping of old areas to use new assets (especially Avalonia)
- New art for many generic NPCs, including Avalonians and Versalian soldiers
- The Verdant Scouring (all characters with green hair have been recolored to other colors)
- New airship graphics reflecting the style of airship used in the game
- Unique skill animations for most of Alexander and Ligaea's skills
- Rebalanced some skills and levels learned
- New and improved battle info window, providing information on the effects of buffs and debuffs
- New Guide menu containing key help topics
- Added many explanatory notes and features
- UI rework (shift to using gold and purple colors)
- Added icons to learned skills and item pickups

v0.7.5.1 Hotfix (8-9-2023)

- Fixed two possible soft locks in Chapter 6.

v0.7.5.2 Hotfix (9-8-2023)

- Improved clarity in two early fights

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