Friday, May 17, 2024

Noblesse Oblige v0.11.1.6 Hotfix

 This is mainly a polishing patch. There's one somewhat major issue, but not one that would cause crashes, just one that would slightly hurt the coherence of an important scene in the early game.

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v0.11.1.6 "A King's Legacy" Patch Notes (5-17-2024) 

- Fixed some spots where a bug caused several paragraphs of text to be missing in text scenes. This mostly occurred in scenes with the patch, but there was a notable exception affecting the non-intimate scene in Avalonia where Ligaea initially swore her fealty.

- Fixed an enemy map sprite not correctly despawning in Chapter 5.

- Fixed some stray pixels on Ariadne's dress sprites

- Fixed some passability issues in Avalonia and Hypernia.

- Stellianos's equipment is now unchangeable.

- Fixed the light in the Chapter 1 dungeon clipping with certain map elements. 


  1. Hello, I've been enjoying the game so far! I do have a softlock to report, though - during the Riversmeet infiltration segment, I was spotted by one of the roaming guards on the lower level by accident, who proceeded to chase me up the ladder to one of the towers. I beat them up just fine, but the body they left behind was at the top of the ladder and could not be bypassed or moved, resulting in trapping Sindarion and Ligaea atop the tower. Fortunately I had a recent save and could just redo the content more carefully this time, but it still seemed like something worth bringing up. It's probably also possible in other segments where enemies both move around and are not removed after defeat, but this is the only time I encountered it personally.

    1. Ahh, good catch. I should definitely put some kind of check for that there. In general that seems like the place it's most likely to happen since it has the 1-tile wide ladders, but probably couldn't hurt to check where for other places where it could happen, yeah. Thanks for the report.

      Also, glad to hear you're enjoying the game otherwise!

  2. Not sure the best place to put this, and it's not a big deal since it's right at the start so it's not too painful to restart, but it's possible to get stuck here.

    1. Ah good catch, thanks for the report. Should be a fairly easy fix. And here is fine for reporting.

      In general, if you run into any of those in a place you don't have a recent save or autosave, saving in a new slot and fully reloading the game will usually fix it by resetting the npc to its starting position. Hopefully there aren't a lot of other such spots, though, haha.