Monday, October 2, 2023

Noblesse Oblige v0.7.5.7 Hotfix

​I suppose it was inevitable that finally getting some feedback on a project this extensive would turn up a number of new bugs, heh. These are less severe than the one addressed in v0.7.5.6, but could still cause crashes under certain circumstances. Though v0.8 public release is Friday, I thought it was worth putting out a quick hotfix. As ever, if you encounter any issues, feel free to post about them here, on, or on Patreon. 

Edit: Upon request, I've made a v0.7.5.8. This hasn't been extensively tested, but allows the option to resize the window to a higher resolution by pressing F6. Use this version if you wish to test this feature. Please report any bugs incurred when using it.

Get v0.7.5.7 here!

= v0.7.5.7 Hotfix

- Corrected an issue that could cause crashing when viewing the Proposals menu with no available proposals. In addition, added a "Funded Proposals" section. 

- Corrected an issue causing the guard on the Avalonian Highway to disappear 

- Corrected an issue that could cause crashing with Glaciate/Frostbite effects in rare cases. Additionally, added tutorial text for Glaciate effects.

- Fixed a multitude of typos

- Adjusted the outcome of certain choice combinations in Chapter 2. 

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