Friday, October 6, 2023

Noblesse Oblige v0.8.6.4 Public Release! + Steam Release

 A new public version of the game is available! 

Get it here!

Minor update to version This fixes minor graphical issues and a possible crash during the prelude. No need to migrate versions over it. 

=v0.8.6.4 "The Fate of Riversmeet"

- A new section of the game, containing Chapter 6: The Fate of Riversmeet

- 46k words of content

- A new combat section involving two separate parties

- A new iteration of content at Castle Kharos

- Castle Grounds customization if you invested in the appropriate proposal in v0.7

- New proposals to invest in

- New optional party member available based on choices last update

- Calysia’s 50-loyalty skill upgrade is available if loyalty threshold is met

- A new skill is available for Sindarion at 33 loyalty

- New support members with associated effects (available during the combat section)

- Added new enemy types to some dungeons the the Prelude, Chapter 1, and Chapter 3. \

- Added the option to cycle window sizes. Use F6 to access this functionality! 

Feedback is, as ever, welcome. 

In addition, the game is now live on Steam! 


  1. I got the supporter pack from steam but there's no golden chest in alexander's room.

    1. Have you reached the point at which you can customize the castle?

    2. Ah, it seems there was an issue. I'll fix this asap. My apologies!

    3. I've updated the game to address this issue. Let me know if the issue persists! Note, if your game hasn't updated, you can force it to by Settings -> Properties -> Installed Files -> Verify Integrity of Installed Files.

    4. Yeah, I was in chapter 6. I am past the Kheros section now, but I loaded up an old save to check and it's there now. It's no problem, the rewards aren't what I bought it for anyway, but I figured I just report it in case there's a bug. Loving the game, keep it up!

    5. Excellent, thank you! I appreciate your interest and support, and definitely your bringing the issue to my attention! Glad to hear you've been enjoying the game. ^^

  2. There is a small bug in the quest “Telosian’s concern”.
    The quest is marked as completed (blue) when in Paraliapolis then appears as failed (red) in the quests log for the rest of the game. Conversations indicate the reinforcements are present at Castle Kharos; I’m unsure if they are actually computed.

    As for the game: not bad, not bad at all!

    1. I'll look into this. For clarity, did you go and speak with him on the second Calistrae explore, with Ariadne? I'm assuming so, if the soldiers actually show up for you back at Kharos.

  3. Yes: the quest was completed on the second Calistrae explore, with Ariadne.

    1. Found the issue, I was failing the wrong quest if you didn't fully complete Ariadne's smuggler hunt. It should be corrected in the next release, and I'll put an event to fix the quest in your log in the Temporal Rift. It's only a graphical bug though, since the actual result is tracked by a switch.

    2. Good to know.

      However, I never found more than 4 clues in Ariadne's smuggler hunt. I assumed the quest would be completed in a future chapter as it remains open in the quests log.
      If you say that Ariadne's smuggler hunt is to be completed in this chapter, I think there is a problem as I’m pretty sure I scoured the entire town and castle.

    3. I'm fairly certain that all of the clues should be possible to find, as I haven't made any changes to that section since testing it last. The 5 should be (minor spoilers to follow):

      - Man in the tavern worried about a missing regular
      - Lydia in the library
      - Girl dumped in the market district (lower left, semi-hidden)
      - Gang member in the weapons shop
      - Woman whose employee vanished in the customs office

    4. Never saw the Girl dumped in the market district.
      I will load an older save (I think I have one) and try to find her with your indication.

    5. Let me know if you can't, and my apologies for any frustration it caused in failing the wrong quest.

    6. OK, I finally found her and completed the quest.

      I’m unsure I would have found her without indication: I could swear having inspected this farm half a dozen times….

      Maybe it’s the locked door nearby that distracted me or the dog that sometime block the path but I never found her.

      You may want to move her or make her more noticeable.

    7. I will give this some consideration. At minimum, I'll probably move the dog at least.

  4. Wanted to ask, in the future will we have a chance to like, conquer countries? Maybe even carve it up into several provinces to make sure it won't be as united when fighting us back. (But if they will fight us back will depend on our actions towards the people and nobility in there too). Also I wonder if we will in the future be able to do stuff like find projects and many more instead of just proposals. Like maybe even fund research or simply make a province better by investing in it.

    1. I don't want to spoil too much of the plot, but I will say that I've always intended for at least the surrounding kingdoms to have an important role to play in the story and that the scope will probably extend beyond Versalia. In particular, Ekestria is an enemy that needs to be dealt with in the long term for a lasting peace. The level of granularity of management you're describing probably goes beyond what I currently have planned, though (that would be edging into something more management-heavy like Crusader Kings or Venus Blood, to actually have a system for carving it up and such). There will definitely be a degree of control over how to deal with any captured territory, though. You'll see a little more of that for Riversmeet when v0.9 is out.

      I do think the proposal system will expand to larger scale projects once royal funding income is a bit higher and we control more territory. Elysios has mostly been well-managed, but some of the other duchies less so. Also, as far as improvements go, I do currently plan a system to expand the castle town more substantially (mainly tied to your rulership variables) which might interest you. I'm not sure if the scope of the game is long enough to make an investment/returns system worthwhile with a realistic level of RoI, but this could change. While the key parts of my plans are pretty set, I try to keep the details flexible so I can adapt if I have good ideas or get good suggestions.

  5. Hmm I see, thanks for the answer!
    Guess my next move will be to wait for Nov. before I ask more questions.