Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Noblesse Oblige v0.8.7.1

 I've released a new patch for the public version of the game! This is a somewhat major patch considering the number of features added. As ever, please report any issues encountered.

Edit: Updated to v0.8.7.1 with a minor fix for the save counter incrementing incorrectly. No need to change versions unless this matters to you.

Get it here! 

v0.8.7.0 patch (10-17-2023)

= Features
- Added an Autosave feature. An autosave will be made in slot 152 (labeled "Autosave") after any map transition.
- Added a visual-novel style text backlog, accessed by pressing the D key. This feature is experimental, so please report any bugs encountered.
- Allowed audio settings to persist between saves (mainly so that they apply on the title screen). At present, applying the adult patch may disrupt this, but should not break anything. 
- Improved the visibility of the arrows when the skill list can be scrolled. 

= Bugfixes
- Fixed a potential crash when opening the Forging UI for the first time (I hope; this issue was hard to pin down, so if it happens after the patch, please report it).
- Fixed a softlock on the intro to the Elysian Groves that could occur if text was read too quickly.
- Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive on hitting accept with new status menu options selected. 

= Changes
- Rewrote the conversation in Chapter 4 between Anselm and Siegfried. In addition, Anselm's epithet is now "Anselm the Unyielding." If you would like to view the changed scene without replaying, I have uploaded a video.
- Added some hints toward finding the 5th clue during the Smuggler Hunt quest in Chapter 4, to hopefully make it less frustrating. 


  1. Just want to say I absolutely love the game!

    1. Thank you! I'm very glad to hear you're enjoying it. ^^