Monday, October 23, 2023

Announcing the Noblesse Oblige Wiki!

I'm happy to announce that the game now has a wiki!

Thanks to the impressive work of StormyAngel, we have a pretty solid start on it as well, including a walkthrough that covers up through the end of the current public version! Contributions in general are always welcome, but also the walkthrough should be complete enough to be of help if you know anyone who would rather play with it to guide them.

This is primarily a fan project, not one I'm running, so I'm not the one to direct general questions/comments to (though, feel free to comment on this post if you like and I can pass it on), but I thought it deserved some publicity here.  I did help a little with the layout, so if you have suggestions on that, can direct those to me as well.


  1. Someone found a bug on the forum. Apparently if you visit the library last in the Elysian Groves, depending on what part of the bookcase you click on, the sparkle in Alexander's Inn room that's meant to progress the game doesn't turn on.

    1. Always the edge cases! Always XD I'll have a fix out for this soon. For now, the safe one is the far left edge.

  2. Someone else just found another one. The armorsmith in the Academy in Avalonia has different dialogue sprites.