Wednesday, October 25, 2023

v0.8.7.4 Hotfix

Edit: Updated to v0.8.7.4 in another attempt to fix a persistent bug with multi-hit attacks and Glaciate effects.

This is a minor hotfix for a rare but game breaking issue. I corrected a possible bug in Chapter 6 that could cause the game to be unable to progress if you did the library objective last using some parts of the bookcase. I also included a retroactive fix for anyone who saved after doing this; re-entering the library should trigger it. In addition, two prior minor fixes that weren't worth a new version for here:

Updated to v0.8.7.2 with a minor fix for tile passability in exterior customization.

Updated to v0.8.7.1 with a minor fix for the save counter incrementing incorrectly.

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