Friday, November 3, 2023

Noblesse Oblige v0.9.1.2 "A Myrmidon's Honor"

v0.9 has now been released! 

Get it here.

Edit: Updated link to v0.9.1.3 to correct a softlock during a training room scene.

Edit 2: Several other minor fixes. 

v0.9.1.2 "A Myrmidon's Honor"

- 68k words of content 

- New section of the game and story

- One new combat section

- New optional boss

- Another major story decision (along most paths)

- See the Castle Town begin to transform with story progression!

- Begin commissioning Custom Armor, if the right conditions are met!

- This update will see a lot of past choices come into play, moreso than any previous update

- Sindarion's 50-loyalty skill is available

- Note: Ligaea and Ariadne's 75-loyalty skills are not currently available even if they reach this threshold, pending future story events; similarly, Cynthia's 50-loyalty skill is not yet accessible. 

= Balance Changes

- Reduced the damage on Whirlwind, given just how much it was doing as an AoE ability

- Reduced the defense piercing properties of Power Shot from 50% defense piercing to 25% defense piercing. This will mainly be noticeable against high defense enemies

- Corrected a bug with Wracking Poison dealing percentage-based damage

- Alexander's attacks now deal half "piercing" elemental damage to better represent his rapier, and Pierce deals fully Piercing damage. Piercing damage (currently only used in this fashion--other skills referred to as "Piercing" ignore part of the enemy's defense stat) is identical to Physical damage vs ranged enemies, but is not reduced by the physical damage percentage resistance of armored enemies.

= UI Changes

- Reordered the Battle Status menu windows to more easily check effects

= Misc Changes

- Added a new animation for Cloak Spin

 Added a new animation for Searing Wind

- Added one new statue option for castle interior customization

- Backend changes to ensure that proposal descriptions and effects can be dynamically updated as needed

- Various minor improvements to the mapping of the Castle Town

- New map-sized versions of Ligaea's arrow animation for use in cutscenes


  1. There is a serious bug: the training scene between Sindarion and Ligaea doesn’t play.
    There is some dialogue, some movements when all get into position then almost nothing: no more movement possible, no dialogues and no music. The game isn’t completely frozen as the light from the braziers continue to move but further progression is impossible.

    1. Damn, looks like that slipped in when fixing a minor issue reported on the patreon version. I've uploaded a new version that corrects it, many apologies.

    2. OK, it works now and the following scenes too. There is one training dummy less in the inventory but those scenes were interesting…

      One much more minor problem: military bow and daggers have 0 market value when you try to sell them. I’m unsure if it is the selling value or the possibility to sell that is false.

    3. Glad you enjoyed XD

      Re: the latter, they have a buy value of 1 (just to handle letting you buy as many as you want from the quartermaster), and the game wants the sell value to be half the buy value, so basically selling them is just a way to clear your inventory. I could consider upping the buy price to 2 so the sell price is 1 to make this clearer.

    4. Is that a new thing? I was sure military weapons had value before…
      However you may have forgotten the Longsword still at 5999.

    5. No, pretty sure that's how it's been since the start on those. I haven't touched Ketros's inventory in a while. As evinced by the fact that I forgot he sold the swords XD

      Honestly, I should probably just remove the longsword from his inventory and give an option to sell those for full price on the transition screen in case you bought any, I think that was a holdover from when I was thinking Stelianos would be a more permanent/frequently available party member.

    6. I personally never bought weapons from Ketros: already had same or better weapons!
      Not sure anyone has need of those weapons: the only need I see is for Ligaea and Kestros gave her the bow the first time we meet him.

      But I make sense that you can have standard military equipment available if necessary.
      I fact I like that you made this possibility: too many games send you to war without even offering you standard military equipments.

      But, as you say, you may want to rework it: there are no reason selling weapons we don’t use and there is no reason Kestros offer us weapons we don’t need each time we speak to him.

      Suggestion: an assistant for Kestros. A soldier near him or in the merchant hall of the castle that can give us the military equipment. It would “free” Kestros (and us for skipping merchant screen without even reading the prices) and we can still have the weapons.

    7. Yeah, it's there partially for flavor, partially for if you miss the free bow for Ligaea, and partially for if you somehow end up without a weapon for people. In that regard, might be worth adding one for every currently in-use weapon class. But adding an assistant isn't a bad idea, actually. I'll look into that.